What is myUT Username?

Your myUT username is your UTAD domain account. This is the user ID and password used to access your UTNet email, log into your office computer, or log into a campus computer lab workstation. The myUT web portal requires a username and password in order to gain access. Your activated UTAD account will serve as your myUT username for the portal. If you are new to the University of Toledo or have not yet activated your UTAD account refer to "How do I activate my UTAD account?" below.

**If you still cannot get logged into the portal and you feel confident that your username and password are correct, it may be that your password has expired. To reset your password, again just refer to "How do I activate my UTAD account?" below.

  • How do I activate my UTAD account?

    If you are new to The University of Toledo or a first-time user, you may have never activated your UTAD account or possibly you have forgotten your username and/or password or your password has simply expired. If any of these situations are the case, you simply need to follow the suggested steps below:

    1. To activate your account or reset your password, use your Internet browser to go to: myUTaccount
    2. Enter your UT student ID or Employee ID number. As you type in this number, you will only see asterisks (*) displayed, this is so no one can read your information as you type it in.
    3. Next, enter your birth date in the format specified on the webpage.
    4. If a message is displayed saying there is an error, the student ID or birth date do not match what is stored in the Active Directory then click on the back arrow button in the upper left of your browser's menu bar. Try retyping whichever field had the error. If you still have problems then please contact the Help Desk at (419) 530-2400.
    5. Click on Activate Your UTAD Account.
    6. Read the computer usage policy and click I Agree.
    7. If everything is found correctly, you will see a new screen displaying your name and the userid that you have been assigned for the UTAD domain. You will also be asked to enter the password for your UTAD account. You will have to enter it a second time to insure you did not mistype it.
    8. Click on the Set button.
    9. Next, you will be asked to enter a question that only you know the answer to. This will allow you to make changes to your password or to reset your password if you have forgotten it. Type in your question and enter your answer.
    10. Click the Set button.
    11. At this point, your account will be activated, your password set and the question and answer stored. If you do not already have an email account, you will be asked if you want a university email account. Click Yes to create one.
    12. You are then notified that a mailbox has been created. It can take up to four hours for your mailbox to become active. Click Continue.
    13. You should get a message saying your university computer account has been activated. You now have a UTAD account and a myUT username!
    14. Click Confirm.
    15. Please write down the username and home directory path. This information can be found by clicking on view your account information. Look in the user id field at profile/home/web host field.

  • I am having trouble activating my UTAD account.

    **If you are having difficulty activating your account be sure to double check these few issues:

    • Students be sure that you are registered for classes.
    • Be sure there are no holds on your account.
    • Pay any late fees if they exist.

    **If you are still unable to activate your account, please contact the Service Request Line at (419) 530-2400. A second option is to contact a lab assistant in any open computing lab (Student Union 1512, Carlson Library basement 002, Rocket Hall 1559, University Hall 2530, Stranahan 1019, Snyder Memorial 3750).