What's Inside the myUT Portal?
The myUT portal is a secure web environment that provides a single access point for all of the information you need to make your UT experience complete. Through this one secure entrance you will find information on academics, services, events and so much more! The information in the portal is organized by pages, referred to as tabs, which are easily navigated. Each tab in the portal has various areas of information, known as channels, which allow you quick access to the information important to you.
Here are some of the features the myUT portal provides to University of Toledo students, faculty and staff:
  • Single sign-on using your UTAD account credentials. This means once you log into the myUT portal you will be automatically authenticated for the UT applications you are authorized to run (i.e. Web for Students, Web for Faculty and Advisers, Outlook Web Access). As a user of Web for Students or Web for Faculty and Advisers you will no longer need to worry about remembering your ID and PIN! University applications are accessible in a single, secure environment.

  • Default views based on user roles. Roles for students, faculty and staff provide default access to specific portal tabs and channels. When you log into the portal, what you see depends on your current role at the University. As a student you see the information important to you, such as registration, bill payment, course schedule, campus activities and more! If you are a faculty member your portal view contains things like grading deadlines, a link to Web for Faculty and Advisers and research information, to name a few. As a staff member you see information about benefits, campus calendars and payroll schedules, among others. If you happen to belong to more than one role, for example student and staff, you have access to tabs and channels pertinent to both roles. All roles have access to some items, such as campus announcements, library information and search channels.

  • Ability to customize tabs and channels. One of the most exciting features of the myUT portal is the fact that you can modify your portal view to meet your needs. You can add channels which are of interest to you; maybe an RSS feed for your favorite news or a channel for the weather in your area. You will also have the ability to delete some channels and tabs which are not of interest to you. It truly is your portal.

  • Campus announcements that are targeted to specific roles. Not only can tabs and channels be targeted to specific users, campus announcements can too. This way the University can keep you up-to-date on important dates and information. If you are a faculty member you may receive an announcement letting you know when grade entries must be completed. If you are a student you could receive an announcement of some upcoming campus event for students. The portal provides a mechanism for the university to keep you up-to-date on the information you need and want.

  • Online groups for collaboration, discussion, or just plain chit-chat. Converse with your friends, colleagues, and others with shared interests. Use a group affiliated with existing University groups or organizations such as departments, student activities groups, or others. Don't find what you want? You can request a group be created! Keep in touch with your group participants anytime, anywhere.

  • Links to My UT Account for account maintenance and password change, and your UTNet email and calendar. Instead of searching the UT website when you need or want to change your UTAD account information, the portal provides a direct link to the account maintenance function. You don't need to log in again because the portal can pass your credentials and automatically authenticate you to this application. The same goes for your UTNet email account (Outlook Web Access).
 Procedures and Guidelines for the myUT Portal
Use of the myUT portal is subject to University policies regarding use of information technology and student educational records. Guidelines and procedures for content and style of myUT are also available through the following links.